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Our Investment and Business Model

INVISION offers a diversified range of opportunities custom tailored for each of its private equity partners. Each strategic property acquisition is held in a California Limited Liability Company. The LLC holds Deed and Title free and clear of any debt, and with title insurance. The investors own 100% of the LLC. IDC manages the LLC via a Management Agreement. The companies operating agreement has very well defined exit strategies. With typically a 1-5 year hold time.  


Due Diligence & Analysis

A property is identified as meeting our strict criteria under our Pre-Developed formula. By definition means, all infrastructure is in place i.e. roads utilities water and sewer. The property is within the city government’s master plan to be developed with the appropriate zoning in place.

A comprehensive due diligence process including Environmental, ALTA Surveying, and Topographic mapping reports are completed. Our architectural and design team works with our engineers to create a preliminary Site Plan. Prior to the closing of the escrow, a hearing is held with the city planning department. In this meeting the cities gives us a formal response to our proposed site plan.

At this point a feasibility and profitability analysis is done. If the financial model meets our criteria, we move forward with escrow closing.


Manage & Build Value

At this point, we roll-up our sleeves and begin a process of increasing the property’s assessed valuation through entitlements to develop the property.  We work with city, county and other agencies to achieve the highest and best use for the property. During the 24-36 month process, we add specific procedures to the property to obtain the entitlements through the tentative map process.

This process enables us to secure entitlement value for the property.  Entitlements confer the rights to build on the land.  This process increases the value of the property that we’ve bought, for cash, at a price below market.  Those factors are what lock in the profit.

Obtaining that right to build is IDC’s specialty - the first step in the development cycle.
Architects, engineers, builders, developers and acquisition companies all need a Tentative Map before they can move ahead, and development can proceed immediately once the Tentative Map is obtained.  The property will then command a high price when sold, because building and development can begin without delay.

Liquidation Phase:

Multiple exit Strategies

Following completion of these steps on a subject property, IDC ends up with two valuable assets – a very desirable and perfectly located buildable site, and a viable Tentative Map that has been approved by the city, county and agencies, giving IDC the right to build without delay.

The remaining objective of our Investment and Business Model is to sell the project for a high profit.  This profit outcome is really what determines the criteria and interim steps; we work the numbers and the process backwards to ensure a satisfactory outcome at this phase. 

Local builders and developers know that, once we begin, IDC will complete the Tentative Map process and will, at the end, have a viable, buildable property to offer them.  Commercial ventures locating, or relocating, into the Antelope Valley are looking to build, lease or purchase space.  Those builders and developers want to provide the residences, business offices and light industrial space those companies need.  They, therefore, constitute a ready market to acquire the entitled properties offered for sale by IDC.  Their own great profit potential makes INVISION’s enhanced property values eminently affordable, providing our investors with their anticipated, secure yield.


Location – Location - Location

Managers of the company are subject matter experts in an area of Los Angeles County. The Antelope Valley. The AV is also known as Aerospace Valley, and is home to Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northupgrunam, NASA, US Air force Plant 42, and Edwards Air Force Base. Recently Congress has awarded 19 Billion dollars to Antelope Valley to develop and build the new Stealth Bomber, Global Hawk, Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft, Anti Missile Projects, and New Generation of Space Shuttle’s. The Department of Airports has acquired over 33 square miles of land for the construction of the Palmdale Intercontinental Airport-the largest Airport in the world-six times larger than Los Angeles International Airport. Presently United Airlines has Daily commuter jet service from the airport.

The Antelope Valley is a booming focus of commercial, residential and technological growth.  It’s among the most rapidly expanding communities in California.

The population in the AV in 1975 was approx. 90,000, and is now over 480,000. Census projection predict 2010 580,000, 2020 800,000, and 2030 1,000,000. This consistent growth ensures the continued absorption of Commercial, Industrial and Residential development projects. IDC is positioned to capture a large market share of these projects.

The dynamic Antelope Valley is only a 45 minute drive from Hollywood, and Beverly Hills.

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